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    Our Strategy:
    Clinic to lab and back to clinic

    We are a pharmaceutical research and development company focused on providing better treatment options for cardio-renal diseases. By focusing on improving existing drugs, Sarfez Pharmaceuticals shortens the timeline of product development. These efficiencies reduce the risk to our enterprise and keep our costs reasonable. In turn, we are committed to passing along these cost saving to the patient in a fully transparent manner.

    We achieve this by:

    • Analyzing the experiences of patients;

    • Forging alliances with specialized and best-in-class companies;

    • Bringing extensive academic knowledge and expertise from our team; and

    • Receiving our funding from a non-diluted source of government grants, allowing us to stay true to our purpose of improving certain medications at a reasonable cost.

    Leveraging alliances

    • Virtual model to maximize cost efficiencies

    • Alliances with specialized and best-in-the class companies

    • Government non-diluted funding

    • Academic knowledge and expertise

    • Patient experiences to develop optimal solutions