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Patient-focused and clinical experienced-based drug development approach

Experienced leadership team

Salim Shah, PhD, JD


Serial entrepreneur with experience in development, manufacturing, sales and marketing of drugs. He established Sarfez as a mission-based company and is the sole inventor of the underlying technologies. He  has taken SOAANZ™ from laboratory discovery to FDA submission. He has experience in managing BIG data analytics, artificial intelligence and social media analytics for marketing of drugs. He is responsible for the overall direction of the company, partnerships, collaborations and corporate interactions.

Bertram Pitt, MD,

Chief Medical Officer

One of the most well-known cardiologists in the country who has been involved in every major cardiovascular clinical trial over the last five decades, including commonly used classes of drugs such as MRAs, ACEis, ARBs, SGLT2is, and loop diuretics. He is responsible for clinical trials, interactions with key opinion leaders, and FDA interactions.

Chris Wilcox, MD, PhD,

Chief Scientific Advisor

A preeminent physician-scientist who has advised almost every major pharmaceutical company in the world on clinical development of cardio-renal products including recently launched Farxiga®, and Entresto®. He is responsible for the development of clinical strategies, protocol development, trial data interpretation and analytics.

Fatima Khwaja, PhD

Executive in Residence

Experienced scientist with unmatched operational expertise to manage complex drug development processes and operations. She is responsible for all operations of the company, including regulatory filings, government funding, laboratory research, and regulatory compliance.

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