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Colleagues at Work


Salim Shah, PhD, JD

Serial entrepreneur with experience in development, manufacturing, sales and marketing of drugs. He established Sarfez as a mission-based company and is the sole inventor of the underlying technologies. He  has taken SOAANZ™ from laboratory discovery to FDA approval. He has experience in managing BIG data analytics, artificial intelligence and social media analytics companies. He is responsible for the overall direction of the Sarfez, its partnerships,collaborations and global interactions.

Fatima Khwaja, PhD

Executive in Residence

Experienced scientist-manager who has managed cutting-edge laboratory research and company operations for more than two decades. She is responsible for all operations of the company, including regulatory filings, government funding, laboratory research, and regulatory compliance.

David Kralik, MBA

Director Finance

As a financial officer of several startups, he has expertise in financial modeling, forecasting, cash flow management, and efficient allocation of financial resources. He is also a published author and mentor. He is responsible for the financial affairs of the company.

Philip Hagan, MBA, JD

Director Channel Strategy

As a best-selling author and safety and management expert, he has more than three decades of experience in safety, compliance, and risk management. He is responsible for trade relations and product channel strategy.

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