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(703) 627-1934


8000 Towers Crescent Drive

Suite 1388

Vienna, VA 22182

    ©2020 by Sarfez Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

    Improving existing drugs to provide better options to patients at a reasonable cost

    Focused on Patients' Well-Being


    • More than 60% of the marketed drugs have problems with either solubility, permeability or both.

    • These drugs are not utilized to their full potential


    • ​​Sarfez is developing innovative technologies to improve these drugs

    • Short development duration, modest investment, and lower risk are the hallmarks of Sarfez's strategy

    • Sarfez is committed to providing improved drugs at affordable prices



    Custom solutions for unique problems


    For drugs that have short duration of action and have to be taken more than once a day

    Rapid-action Orally-disintegrating Technology (ROTEC)

    For drugs that take too long to act but are needed for quick relief

    Self Emulsifying Drug Delivery System (SEEDS)

    For poorly permeable and extensively metabolized drugs that are taken in large dosage

    Cardio-renal products specialist

    Long-acting loop Diuretics

    Chronic Congestive Heart Failure

    Close to NDA stage 

    Expected filing Q2 2018

    Better bioavailable direct renin inhibitor


    Nephrotic Syndrome (FSGS) 

    Early clinical stage

    Expected NDA filing Q3 2019

    Improved mineralocorticoid receptor antagonist

    Diabetic Nephropathy

    Early clinical stage

    Expected NDA filing Q1 2019

    Fast-acting Mu receptor agonist


    Migraine Onset

    Late pre-clinical stage

    Expected NDA filing Q2 2020

    Cardiovascular and Renal Products Focused Company


    Matrix-based Extended Release (MEXFOR)

    Leveraging alliances

    • Virtual model to maximize cost efficiencies

    • Alliances with specialized and best-in-the class companies

    • Government non-diluted funding

    • Academic knowledge and expertise

    • Patient experiences to develop optimal solutions

    Clinic to lab and back to clinic


    Scientific Advisors

    Academically oriented and patient-focused

    Fatima Khwaja, PhD

    Chief Executive Officer

    Bertram Pitt, MD                                Chief of Scientific Advisory Board

    Craig Brater, MD

    Scientific Advisor

    Domenic Sica, MD

    Scientific Advisor

    Christopher Wilcox, MD, PhD

    Chief Scientific Advisor

    Guru Betageri, PhD

    Scientific Advisor

    Salim Shah, PhD, JD

    Founder and Chairman

    Contact Us

    Sarfez Pharmaceuticals Inc

    8000 Towers Crescent Drive, Suite 1350, Vienna VA 22182

    (703) 627-1934